Science And Religion In Perspective

To help people better understand themselves as spiritual beings, 100 essays from diverse fields have been collected into a volume that shows what we have learned from studying ourselves, our planet and the universe. Critics say “Spiritual Information: 100 Perspectives on Science and Religion,” edited by Charles L. Harper Jr. (Templeton Foundation Press, $39.95), conveys the excitement of discovery, the challenge of debate, the diversity of thinking and the excellence of multidisciplinary research.

The essays reflect the motto of Sir John Templeton: “How little we know, how eager to learn.” Sir John’s vision has inspired people throughout the world to open-mindedly seek new spiritual information that relates to such diverse fields as the physical world, unlimited love, laws of nature, quantum reality, the problem of evil in theology and the ways in which prayer and meditation affect daily lives, among many others. The book is a tribute to his mission.

Themes of the essays incorporate Sir John’s principal domains of interest and expertise: spiritual capital and spiritual information.

• The History and Future of the Science-Religion Dialogue

• Cosmology, Physics and Astronomy

• Quantum Mechanics, Mathematics, and Symbolic Logic

• Evolution and Purpose

• Sociology and Ethics

• Religion and Health

• Contemplation and the Virtues

• Theology and Philosophy

• World Religions

In his preface to the book, Dr. Harper notes that Sir John’s commitment to expanding the science-religion dialogue has enabled us to edge ever closer to the frontier where knowledge meets wisdom at the threshold of “ultimate reality.” The hope, he adds, is that these essays “will inspire others to pursue his quest to discover ‘over one hundredfold more spiritual information than humankind has ever possessed before.'”

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