Secrets to Diet Success

In the struggle to lose weight and keep it off, the best advice may come from people who have been there and done that-winners in the battle of the bulge. A new book offers advice and plenty of frontline tips. The book, “How to Lose 9,000 Pounds or Less by 516 Dieters Who Did” (Hundreds of Heads, $13.95), contains hundreds of interviews with real people across America.

This book isn’t like so many other diet books that promise a “quick fix” for readers who follow a rigid plan. Instead, it gives hard-won, down-to-earth advice from hundreds of real people who have tried every kind of diet, found what worked for them (and what didn’t work), and lost weight. The tips range from simple adjustments to more elaborate lifestyle changes. For example, one dieter found that she could stop sugar cravings by eating a pickle. Another dieter lost weight by using the trunk of her car as her refrigerator. In winter, she made herself walk outside barefoot every time she wanted something to eat.

The book includes the best tips and secrets on choosing a diet, motivation and avoiding temptation, exercise, keeping weight off, and enlisting the support of family and friends. With real-world stories from successful dieters and expert advice from nutritionist and special editor to the book, Joan Buchbinder, RD, readers can make more informed choices about which diet is best for them and start losing weight.

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