Shadow of an Indian Star – Book Review

Shadow of an Indian Star is a 500-page historical fiction set in the early 1800?s. It accurately brings life to a fascinating era of gun slinging, saloon drinking, hard work, rough living and bittersweet romance. The exploits of heroes, villains and those just trying to survive during this tumultuous era are certain to keep readers aching to turn the next page.

A rich family lore, with momentary appearances of well-known historical characters such as Billy the Kid and General Custer, was remembered and passed on to each new generation until Bill Paul and his wife Cindy became curious enough to determine the accuracy of the tales. As it turned out, the stories were true!

Map-lovers will enjoy the insert within the first few pages, which depicts the area that this story takes place in. Three generations of the Paul family history and their bitter feuds are divided into segments, one for each generation. A simple family tree is provided on the last page.

Little known facts of the Native Indian tribe known as the Chickasaw Nation along with the life of early settlers in Oklahoma could be excellent reading for history classes. Readers will witness the Trail of Tears and learn about callous and greedy settlers and a corrupt government. Readers will also see the grace and pride between both peoples in their uninhibited generosity, genuine grief for each other and intense inter-racial romances.

Authors Bill and Cindy Paul are both well educated individuals. Bill holds a degree in animal science, while Cindy has degrees in biology and environmental science. The couple resides in the very same valley and maintains the family graveyard that is written about in their first novel, Shadow of an Indian Star.

I am completely in awe of the authors? talent and superb story-telling capabilities.
This tale was amazing and I enjoyed the ride immensely. There is no doubt in my mind that this book needs to be seen by movie or TV series producers.

ISBN#: 097559222X
Author: Bill and Cindy Paul
Publisher: Synergy Books

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