Some Enchanted Autumn

Some Enchanted Autumn by Linda Andrews is an excellent gift idea for the Halloween season. Vampires, skeletons, spiders, witches? they are all here ? but this is definitely not a children?s book.

One town, founded by the same wagon train during the pioneering days of the North American continent, holds a secret that could destroy them all.
Divided by a bitter and ancient rift, it becomes two rival towns ? Pumpkin and Holly. These folks take their holidays seriously, but none more so than Pumpkin?s residents do.

Lonnie, who is running both from herself and from facing her pompous and boring boyfriend, returns to Pumpkin – her hometown. There she meets Nicholas who is both more wonderful than her wildest dreams and as frightening as her childhood nightmares. Together they are assigned the difficult task of discovering the “Prankster?s” identity and the reason?s why that person is set on keeping the ancient rift between the towns alive.

Nicholas and Lonnie harbor a steamy and slightly erotic passion for one another, which they do their best to keep in check. Their family ancestors, after all, were the main players in the rift that continues to tear the towns apart.

I would classify Some Enchanted Autumn as a fantasy-fiction, paranormal-romance novel with comedic elements. Although it begins with a bit of confusion, the story rises in pace until I felt unwilling to put the book aside. This 238-page book is not the author?s first endeavor. In fact, Linda has written two other books, The Christmas Village and Ghost of a Chance.

ISBN#: 1-55410-287-1
Author: Linda Andrews
Publisher: Zumaya Publication

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