The Captain Has Her Heart – Book Review

Mrs. Salinas has written a very nice romance novel that readers can disappear in for a few days. The Captain Has Her Heart was just recently released, but is already stealing hearts!

The main character, April, is a nurse who really loves her job and often takes on extra shifts. Her husband is away completing his internship to become a Doctor. April is awoken by a man that comes in with an unusual fever ? in fact they are both awaken by each other. She returns to her empty home only to receive a “dear John” letter from her husband who wants a hurried and clean divorce so that he can pursue his new interest.

Shocked and staggered by the loss of the plans that she had for her life, April?s strong spirit soon has her taking on the job of a traveling nurse ? and ends up not only finding herself but a whole lot more.

Commercial pilot careers are notorious for short-term relationships, but Trig Power was more than willing to take the chance when fate kept placing April near him. He adores her deeply but must also face a shattering experience before he can do anything else. In the end, he learns that what makes a man cannot be seen in a mirror.

Author, A.G. Salinas is a wife and mother of three. She shares a similar career with her main character, which really helps her bring the experience of nursing to her readers.

ISBN#: 1-4241-1111-0
Author: A. G. Salinas
Publisher: Publish America
Published: 2006

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