Being A Man

The life of a guy is not as easy as it looks. It’s not just about holding down a job or being a father figure to his kids. It’s throwing a football, grilling a steak, fixing things around the house and coaching sports teams. It’s telling jokes, playing golf and picking a beer. And it’s easy to get lost.

Now there’s help. “50 Things Every Guy Should Know How To Do: Celebrity and Expert Advice on Living Large” (Plume, $13), edited by Daniel Kline and Jason Tomaszewski, provides hints and tips on those essential guy skills and more-including tricking out your car, playing poker, dressing for a date, lasting in bed and even starting your own business-from knowledgeable people including “Queer Eye”‘s Carson Kressley, poker legend Amarillo Slim, comedian Carrot Top, movie critic Leonard Maltin, former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar and “The Surreal Life” producer Mark Cronin.

This book is an all-in-one resource to help you handle all the demands made on men in modern life. It makes a great gift for any man who wants to know how to weather life’s tough spots and enjoy the pleasures of manhood.

It takes more than combat gear to be a man… it takes the advice in this book.

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