The Chaos Cycle – Book Review

The Chaos Cycle by John Kerchack is destined for the best sellers list! I couldn?t put it down and was quite frustrated when my life kept interrupting my reading sessions during the review process of this book. Honestly, my husband would talk to me and I wouldn?t even know it. He even made and served supper and I was scarcely aware of what had happened. I heard some banging of a pot lid being taken out of a drawer and then all of a sudden there was this steaming plate of food in front of me and the amused face of my husband beaming back at me.

The author uses excellent writer skills that provide a steady flow of suspense. His characters are full, realistic ? you really feel like you are right there. Not like watching a movie, but rather, right THERE. This is a rare talent indeed, and as a writer myself I can only envy it. John has incredible insight into the thought process of his characters – from those of the small abused children to the brutal killer.

Here we are taken on a chaotic ride while Harris and his team of talented detectives track down those responsible for a relentless murder spree in the state of Maryland, USA. I would classify The Chaos Cycle as a murder-thriller fiction novel with moments of brutal violence.

The cover is absolutely a work of art. The first thing my husband said when he saw it on my desk was “Wow! Check out this cover!” I?ve reviewed nearly 100 books to date and this is the first time anyone in my family reacted this way to a book cover.
The book itself is of very good quality and is a nice size ? at 288 pages.

Time will slip away for the reader who opens THIS book!

ISBN#: 1-4137-8536-0
Author: John Kerchack
Publisher: Publish America

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