The Elf Prince – Book Review

Author Todd McClimans is a 5th grade teacher and young father, who lives in Nevada with his family. Todd has been writing short stories for his students for more than 10 years and The Elf Prince is his first novel. Currently, Todd is working on a sequel to this book and has two other book projects ahead in his future.

All the elements for a wonderfully mystical tale for youth, and for those with youthful minds are here in this novel. Haunting dreams, caring creatures of the forest, magical swords, a quest to defeat wickedness and free its captives along with humorous moments and unique characters – truly, it is all here. Each of Todd?s characters is pressed to find their individual strengths, to accept the uniqueness of their abilities and learn respect for things they once held reservations about.

There are three main characters in The Elf Prince. “Tenii” is a half-breed Man-Dwarf and just might be the most interesting wizard readers will have met in a long time. “Petra”, a gorgeous young fawn, has a persistent and doggedly determined nature that saves them all more than once. Finally there is “Dantin”, the 11 year-old half-breed Elf-Man Prince – who along with his two courageous friends endeavor to break the dominance of Dantin?s cold-hearted, ruthless uncle. They cannot do this alone and are aided more than once by their friends: Tierra, the she-elf Princess and Byron, the leader of a tribe of Dwarf warriors.

I have to say this was an excellent novel. Scene transition moved smoothly from one to the next in a realistic and engaging style. I completely enjoyed each stage of the tale and did not want it to end. The gorgeous book cover is certainly an asset to The Elf Prince, which pictures one of the two intricately carved magical medallions that play a part in the tale.

ISBN#: 1-4137-8553-0
Author: Todd McClimans
Publisher: Publish America

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