The Frugal Book Promoter – Book Review

The Frugal Book Promoter ? How to do What Your Publisher Won?t is the third book written by author Carolyn Howard ?Johnson, but by far ? it is not the last. Already she is planning on releasing a book of poetry. The Frugal Book Promoter has won the USA Book News award for Best Book 2004, and has also been an Irwin Award winner.

For Dave and I, the promotion of our two books and promoting the upcoming e-book has been an uphill battle. Intensive research on our part for more than three years has prepared us for most of the work, and because of this research and hands-on experience I found very little in this book that was actually new to me. I also found it somewhat lacking in areas that could have used more attention, such as its organization.

Carolyn?s sentence structure and grammar use was confusing and frustrating at times for me to read. There was also repetitive use of information and examples, which I found a bit redundant. Personally, I would have preferred another method of organization for the book. For instance, there are many aspects of reviews, but I felt all of these should be discussed in one chapter rather than scattered throughout the book. While few links on the site were new to me, of the dozen or so that I tried one or two were no longer active. This is no fault of the author, however, and is due solely to the ever-changing Internet.

However, I was reminded of some weak areas in our marketing plan and was given some incentive for those areas I am about to broach in our schedule. I appreciated many of the links that I discovered and have had excellent responses from them.

Overall, I think The Frugal Promoter is a book that reads like you are sitting across from the author having a discussion. This is an aspect of the writing style that I certainly enjoyed. It could be considered a useful beginner?s tool that would save time by providing links, basic promotion options to choose from and several marketing ideas that are outside the norm.

ISBN#: 1-932993-10-X
Author: Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Publisher: Star Publish
Published: 2004
Pages: 288

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