The Time Has Come – Book Review

The Time Has Come is the first book of a mystical and spiritual trilogy written by Barbara Oleynick, a highly educated nurse who?s life work is to help make the world a more peaceful place in any way that she can. Barbara is an English instructor, a faculty member of a community college and an accomplished musical theater director and producer.

This book is like a combination of the movie the Golden Child (with Eddie Murphy), Micheal Scallion?s land change predictions through his spirit guide, and vibration-frequency theories which are currently being studied in both traditional and alternative sciences ? all rolled up in one fiction story.

A 13-year-old child, Rachel, has a baby girl named Grace who is sent to bring peace to the world. I cried huge crocodile tears at Grace?s birth, again at the love in Albert and Henna?s home and yet again found myself sobbing when their drug-crazed mother murders Rachel?s sister.

In the beginning, The Time Has Come is only religious in that the Creator is thought to reside in every molecule and that there is purpose to our lives. The author briefly discusses historical religious events at various points in the story. The aspect that appealed to me the most was the main focus of each person having a legacy to leave behind and that it is up to each one of us to find a way to perform the tasks set before us.

I found on the whole, the story line was interesting and yet shocking to my nerves at the same time. Despite this, I felt the author became too heavy with spiritual ideas and the depressing negative world news during the final chapters.

ISBN#: 0975592254
Author: Barbara Oleynick
Publisher: Synergy Books
192 Pages

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