Traci’s Story – Book Review

Tracie?s Story: Book Review

Tracie?s Story, by Marguerite Ashton, had sucked me into the story right from the start, and I had difficulty tearing myself away from the book all the way to the end. This is very a moving tale that is based on a true story of a woman brought up by an alcoholic single mother.

As a child, Tracie bravely accepts the barrage of difficulties, disrespect and responsibilities of handling a helplessly drunken parent ? but it leaves her emotionally scarred. While driving under the influence, the thoughtless mother inflicts a permanent and visible disability on her child that serves as a constant reminder of her past. Every mirror, every pair of eyes reflects her abnormality and this becomes a torment for Tracie. As an adult, she struggles with her inner demons and the mind-numbing addictions to both alcohol and her work.

Marguerite Ashton uses a direct and simple writing style that envelops the reader in Tracie?s world so deeply that the real world fades away for a little while. The ending left me with a feeling that the book is not finished. Yet, because I was thinking about it for days, I would have to say the ending was quite effective.

ISBN#: 1-4137-7386-9
Author: Marguerite Ashton
Publisher: Publish America

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