Daddy I Forgive You – Book Review

This true account of domestic sexual abuse does not horrify the reader with graphic details of incest ? rather it shares the repercussions of it. C.J.Wilke’s personal reactions, her recovery and interactions with family members are well documented here.

In the beginning, the survivor is counseled into finding something healthy to hold on to their sanity. For some, like the author, this crutch becomes religion; many find a passion for task, craft or artistic endeavor ? for others, their hate and anger are the only things that keep them alive.

Her experiences show us that it is most important for the survivor to gain the right kind of friends. To a survivor with a desire to resist succumbing to the incredible haunting emotional and physical distresses, a good friend can help them make the first steps to recovery. A friend that shows the survivor as a valuable person worthy of friendship can be a huge healing step. Rather than friends that bring further harm and insult which only increase the victims suffering. The difficulty is having the skills to recognize the friend who really cares, as opposed to the one who ?cares? to the extent as what you do (or might do) for them. Recognition is only one part of it, however. One must also have the skills to deal with the situation and take on the terrifying aspect of change.

For C.J., getting married and changing her name was part of her healing process. She married a good, loving man who was also her best friend. By shedding the family name and taking her husbands?, she felt like she was refreshed, no longer the victim. Her difficult task was only beginning as she tried to learn to forgive herself. Once she had done this, she could deal with her family, as long as her strong husband was by her side.

If I was to say one thing about this book it would be that it is a very moving tale, because of its authenticity.

Publisher: Publish America, Inc.
ISBN#: 1413712282
Author: CJ Wilkes

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