Violet the Pilot in France – Review

Violet the Pilot in France is the second book in children?s series written by author Bettina Bathe. This adventure involves a hot air balloon trip in Provence, France. Proud Canadian author and commercial pilot, Bettina Bathe was certain to include a Canadian flag patch on her main character?s shoulder. However, Violet the pilot also embraces the country she is working in by placing that country?s flag patch on her other shoulder.

Two young French passengers who want to take a balloon ride to a desirable location for their bike tour adventure, hire Violet?s aviation services. The ride is interrupted with weather problems, but Violet saves them all with her confident and quick-thinking maneuvers. Violet?s animal and insect friends are the ground crew who has their own adventure just trying to keep up to the balloon. After a lovely picnic feast, Violet serenades her departing passengers with a song on her violin.

Illustrations by Barbara Fortin depict rural France, including interesting French architecture, agriculture and fashion. These bright, bold pictures are full of subtle information.

The book uses a few French words and the reader is encouraged to bring interest in the globe and navigation methods in children through useful maps and illustrations. Readers will learn how a hot air balloon is flown – from the pre-flight set-up, testing the wind and flying techniques to landing a hot air balloon. However, Violet the Pilot in France offers more than entertainment and education – the author has also dedicated a portion of the sales of this book to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Additionally, Bettina?s website ( offers contests and awards for young readers.

ISBN#: 0-9738290-0-1
Author: Bettina Bathe
Illustrator: Barbara Fortin
Publisher: Violet the Pilot Enterprises, Inc.
Published: July 2005

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