Instead of Roses and Rings

Instead of Roses and Rings is a wonderful tale of love and healing for two men in one university. This is not a “smut” romance ? you will not find erotic scenes in this tender, insiders? view into the life of men who prefer the company of men.

Chris unknowingly haunts Alexis from the moment they meet. Alexis sees things that lead him to believe that Chris has the gift of sight and this intrigues him – yet Alexis also fears an eerie paranormal connection between Chris?s features and an old lover who died in the past.

Innocent of all of this, Chris clumsily struggles to understand his sexuality and the new lifestyle without the aide of having someone there to explain things to him or share his fears with. He selflessly and without pride, adores Alexis with such intensity that it almost destroys them both ? yet it ends up being their very salvation.

Torn between emotional scars from the past and society?s expectations, they attempt to maintain composure while dealing with these new and intense feelings. Leering and biased adversaries seem to lurk around every corner, yet good?hearted friends give them the strength and the council to get beyond misunderstandings and face the strong, confusing emotions that come with the beginnings of love. These two men are from the same world, but have come from opposite ends of the spectrum ? love soon proves to be blind to all such boundaries.

I would be remiss as a reviewer if I did not mention the myriad of grammatical errors in this book. Sentences were occasionally missing entire words or used the wrong word (i.e. hear instead of here) and the author?s use of incorrect punctuation brought down the quality of my journey in this tale as a reader.

The dream sequences were some of the most unique that I have read. The author decided to refrain from any punctuation of any kind, which once accustomed to, actually brings a real sense of the speed and flashing events that people experience in dreams.

ISBN#: 0-9549992-0-7
Author: P.A. Breinburg
Publisher: Petrojass Publications

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