I Hear Gaea – Book Review

I have to say that I found this work simply breath-taking from the first poem on. Tessa Crigger focuses on issues of conscious living, anti-racism, natural resource consumption, the necessity of finding alternatives and the importance of the individual. At the end of the book, she gives readers a glimpse into her personal life, which I think was helpful in understanding the author.

Her unique style made me feel teleported to a warm night, a warming campfire and sitting quietly while listening to ancient stories and lessons orated by elders. It was a wonderful feeling.

Tessa insists upon the power of the individual: “act upon these things and turn no more blind eyes, become what we were meant to be and at least give it a try”. Her passion for the health of the planet is quite admirable.

I was honestly so taken with what Tessa had to say, I even wrote the following quotes out for my bulletin board: “Nations are built upon it and wars are fought to keep it, when all along we should be looking for a way to heal it” and “The children must be given more than a picture or a museum, the nature of our planet cannot be found in a coliseum”.

Though a little long, her poems had many valuable thoughts to share and did not seem to ramble or get redundant. I truly believe her work will help influence others to make an effort for a positive change. Just like ripples in the pond, each one of us can have a very real and important impact, even with the smallest of actions.

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