Lucian’s Place

Lucian?s Place – Book Review

Lucian?s Place is a tale of far-fetched proportions, yet so close to the possibilities of our own present technologies that it is quite believable.

The idea of three people and their immediate surroundings (a high-tech self-sustained ranch) being thrown back in time might seem a trifle wild, yet the author gives it all a sense of normalcy that distracts you from that. As the characters discover they are defending their very lives from strange creatures from another time, the dangers never relent. With the help of an aware computer that thinks acts and feels like a human, the battle to simply survive is eased somewhat, however the question of returning to their proper time is inherent.

Belle Smith gives us a great science fiction read without the typical concoction of space travel and high-tech aliens. Instead, she keeps us on Earth with a taste of what computers, combined with nano-technology and human creativity, may achieve for us in the not too distant future? or should I say past? Her unique vision of how civilization might be rebuilt from scratch with minimal impact on the environment makes for an inspiring read.

Lucian?s Place is a definite page-turner and a book I found very hard to put down. Guaranteed to make you think differently before cursing your home computer!

ISBN#: 1-4137-6963-2
Author: Belle Smith
Publisher: Publish America
Pages: 364

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