Pausing To Catch My Breath – Book Review

Debra Warren has appropriately titled her book of poetry ?Pausing to Catch My Breath?. The pages depict this mother and grandmother as someone who I would personally love to sit across from at a kitchen table with a huge pot of tea and talk for hours.

Her style implements simple vocabulary with an honest appeal, yet her work is astoundingly moving. This is the kind of poetry that I like to read at a slow pace in order to allow the statements to really sink in. ?I think? is a good example of what I mean. ?Today? challenges readers to see beyond the mundane, by considering what others are experiencing that very moment. ?Its Never Too Late? was a moving piece about many kinds of incarceration. I related with ?Trapped?, especially where she wrote, “I am trapped inside a body that betrays”. ?Pausing to Catch My Breath? is a particularly beautifully written piece. I hope to retain in memory my favorite line of this poem, “Hearing the music, I dance to my yesterdays”. Debra also displays an appealing sense of humor in her work. I loved the imagery of viewing cruel and stupid people as “human speed bumps” along the road of life.

?Pausing to Catch My Breath? most certainly displays Debra?s ability to use uncomplicated prose to create deep emotion, intellectual thought and crisp images.

Author: Debra Warren
Publisher: Publish America, Inc.

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