Requiem of Insanity: Book Review

Debra Ulrich has explored a unique way of bringing some light to the journey of a medical patient in this nonfiction fairytale. I have to admit that the first 40 pages were difficult for me to get through – but in the end, the material is definitely worth reading and I recommend this book to anyone involved with heavy medication.

This is a story of a woman (Queen Sara) and her son (Prince Max) who become locked into a medical-go-round due to trusting overzealous doctors who have their hands poised over prescription pads. Queen Sara followed the doctors blindly, as most of Western society is still trained to do. Side effects and reactions to the heavy long-term medication drove these two patients into being misdiagnosed with one disorder after another.

Anyone with a serious health condition is quite familiar with strategically taking multiple prescription drugs throughout the day. However, just as each body can react differently to a disease or disorder ? we can also react differently to medication. Every pill, even herbal or over-the-counter medication, can have side effects. Multiple medication can be tricky due to cumulative effects of medication combining in the body ? sometimes becoming something else entirely. This makes the physician?s job much more difficult.

Synthetic drugs tend to give immediate results, but generally, they do not cure the disease/disorder. Instead, they mask it – while the cause of the problem still exists. Sara learned that though alternatives to western medicine could be quite helpful, they are not readily embraced by the doctors. She embarked on a long, expensive journey and dedicated herself to a strict health regime for years. Cleansing the body of built up toxins, food allergy tests, hair tests, herbal remedies, muscle tests, gaining nutritional knowledge and emotional work were all components in Sara?s healing process.

The author closes her book with a spreadsheet of the drugs she has experience with, their known reactions and some possible alternatives. The last seven pages list contacts for associations that may prove helpful for those on a medical adventure.

This story is an excellent example of how deficiencies and emotions can play a huge part on our overall health. As a closing, I would like to leave you with quote from Debra?s book “Patients must be treated as equal partners and need to be the ones ultimately responsible for their own health and welfare.

ISBN: 1413728324
Publisher: Publish America, Inc.
Author: Debra Ulrich

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