Is Virology real or Pseudo-Science?

I have been a fleeting fan of TWIV. This Week in Virology. You can find it on and on YouTube. []<> The Latest Podcasts in the Microbe.TV Network<> The Latest Podcasts in the Microbe.TV Network
I found it to be a source of information about viruses initially just as Covid hit. And now it’s an echo-chamber for people that suck up to the FDA for grants, and those hate “anti-vaxxers” or anyone that has a question or concern. Now I watch for some information and much disappointment in their blinded bias.
I was not looking for it, but this article popped up on my screen and I thought to look at it. []<> “Virology is a Fraudulent Pseudoscience and is a Dying Field” according to Biomedical Scientist.<> Virology is a “Fraudulent Pseudoscience” and is a “dying field” according to published Biomedical Scientist Simon Lee who has over 30 years in his field with almost a decade…

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