Mechanics of AI Generated Music

There are a few steps to an AI song.   It all starts with a “prompt” or sond description:
The Prompt I used here:
“Papa loves his donuts. He has to have a few every day. He counts them several times every day to make sure he has enough. We run to the donut store if we start to run out.”

The AI generated this verse:
Papa loves his donuts
Can’t get enough
He craves ’em every day
Can’t resist the fluff (mmm-mm)
Countin’ ’em several times
He’s got a routine
Gotta make sure he’s got ’em
Gotta keep ’em pristine

[Verse 2]
When we start to run low
There’s no time to wait
We hit the donut store
Can’t risk the donut-less fate
Runnin’ down the street
Like it’s a race
Gotta bring those donuts back
Put a smile on Papa’s face
Donut lovin’ Papa
He’s got the sweet tooth
Donut after donut
He’s catchin’ the groove
Count ’em up
Eat ’em down
It’s a donut affair
Papa loves his donuts
And we all share (ooh-yeah)

The AI Song Generator produced two versions of the song:



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