Peter Mingils explains some options

This is Peter Mingils.
I own PM Marketing – some people know us from our very first domain name, 

I have built so many products… that I and our customers wanted and needed…
I can offer combinations of options that do not exist,
at your level, anywhere else.
A pretty bold statement, but I back it up.

Because you can not find or buy everything we do, at your level, in one place,
I completely have come to the realization that you do not even know something like this exists.

Therefore, in your mind, if something does not exist, how would you know to ask for it?

So I recorded something, just to give you some insight, and a comfortable feeling.

I give more in value that you could ever pay for in your dollars.
Just ask… it is my pleasure to offer you the best options at great prices or for free. shows a lot of what we do in our core business.
Leads, traffic to Websites, Classified Ads, Radio Shows, Capture Pages and website Builders, etc shows some of the reach for the radio shows we do.
Thousands of 30 – 90 Minute radio shows featured “everywhere” is an example of our out of the box thinking is a smattering of things for our community

All of this benefits you for building credibility, organic traffic, recognition, leads, branding and more.

Plus, all this blends together and stays on line “forever”.

As we grow, you do too!

Peter Mingils
386-445-3585 landline
386-864-1928 cell/text 





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